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Proper Air Hoist Maintenance

Did you know that all air hoist motors require some lubrication? This includes vane, gear and piston motor powered air hoists. In general, 1 – 3 drops of light grade machine oil should be added to the hoist motor per each minute of operation (please refer to the mfr’s recommendations). The lubricator should be connected to the air inlet of the hoist, and as close to the hoist as possible. Problems arise from too much or not enough oil. If oil is dripping from the hoist exhaust, then there’s too much and simply adjust the lubricator. While too much doesn’t really hurt anything its costly and makes a mesh. Too little lubrication is actually worse. You can adversely affect the motor and shorten its life if its under lubricated. You can visually verify by checking the site glass on top of the lubricator. Oil droplets will form in the site glass and then “drip” into the air stream where they are atomized prior to the motor. Following these simple rules will help ensure that your air hoist will run efficiently and repair free for years. One note – due to the presence of atomized oil in the exhaust of the air hoist this type of equipment should not be used in areas that are sensitive to oil contamination.

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