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KBK Free Standing Work Station

Material Handling Solution - Hanging crain/hoist

The KBK Free Standing Work Station is an overhead modular crane system kit that can be installed just about anywhere to provide lifting assistance or ergonomic handling capabilities in workstation or work cell environments where loads are less than 7,000 lbs. KBK loosely translated in German means “crane builder kit” and is just that, a system that you design and build to fit exacting requirements and needs, especially where precise loading, balancing or positioning are needed. Some of the system attributes - easy to install uses bolted connections (no field welding needed) and pre-designed kits for standardization of components; bolts to the floor (only 6” of concrete needed, floor quality needs to be verified to support loads); flexible – can be designed to fit into an array of work areas, work stations, departments; existing or new; versatile – KBK comes in different sizes to handle loads from 175 lbs to over 6,000 lbs to offer exactly what you need but not more.

Material Handling Solution - Hanging crain/hoist

Some of the accessories for the system include – Demag DC-Pro and DC-Com electric hoists, Demag Manulift system (which allows for one-handed operation in high volume assembly operations) and Demag air balancers. System components include KBK trolleys which utilize nylon wheels for smooth, quiet and wear-free operation (also eliminates the need for motorized trolleys and components in most cases); KBK hanger suspensions to attach to most wide flange support structures. KBK hanger suspensions pendulate to reduce stress on support structure and offer threaded hanger rods to adjust for different heights. Festooning is accomplished by sliders that run on the inside of KBK track for smooth movement and protection. The KBK track system comes in standard, pre-designed modular systems that are lightweight but strong to allow you to design a system to fit your system parameters and cost constraints precisely. These are just some of the qualities of the KBK Free Standing Work Station System; please contact us for more information or to discuss a specific application you may have in mind.

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